Application Notes-902


3602A series product option descriptions 


According to testing subject on DC Switching power supply, there are two typeG
3600A series is suitable for AC-DC power supply, its input power is AC source, please refer to application menu for 901; 3602A series is suitable for DC-DC power supply, its input power is from DC source, this is the article for 902.

Other than the standard 3602A, there is another option (3602A001^. 3600A004 is 3600A standard mode with less accessories model, also suitable in DC-DC power supply testing requirement, therefore this article will include it into explanation and discussion.

Other than that, the testing equipment has several external options (like OVP testing source and etc.), can be chosen according to testing need, this article meant to describe the functions and applications of different options.

1. 3602A is DC-DC power supply fully automatic testing equipment:
3602A testing equipment mainly for DC-DC power supply, it has 3 models to choose from they are 3602A standard model, 3602A001 and 3600A004 with less functions, design for different uses, their difference are as follow:

1.1 3602A is DC-DC power supply fully automatic standard testing model, its construction is 3600A standard model (AC-DC power supply fully automatic tester) but delete AC power supply and AC meter (including voltage, current, and Wattage meter), and add DC power control (can use program to control voltage output, range as to 0-5Vdc) BDC voltage meter (range is 0-90VA+/- 0.1V tolerance), and current meter (range is 0-8AA+/- 0.01A).

1.2 3602A001 is the same as 3602A standard model except it does not have the 4 set of ripple noise meter.

1.3 3600A004 is the same as 3600A standard model except it does not have the 4 set of ripple noise meter, AC power supply and AC meter (voltage, current and wattage).

1.4 Block diagram for the fully automatic testing equipment of the 3602A/3600A series DC-DC power supply is shown in section 7.
2. 3602 series different options:

3. differences of testing item in different model: 3602 series with different options model:

 4. DC-DC Power Supply, suitable model and application:
4.1 Suitable model
G3602AB3602A001B3600A004 total 3 model.
4.2 Application for models will different options




5. Other optional accessories and its application:
5.1   5030 OVP testing power source, [30V/5A/150W], for OVP testing use. 5030 is for testing OVP with 3600A/3602A. It can only be controlled by 3600A/3602A, and cannot use as an independent power supply.

5.2   9900 External dual tester, for increasing production line efficiency. 9900 tester have two set of testing connector, it can be connected to two test subject simultaneously (A or B), there is one switch to choose one of the test subject; switching control is using relay connection.

5.3   9910 Multipurpose tester, for all kind of power supply, this tester can be connect to 3602A series panel or 9900 dual tester. Multipurpose tester 9910 connector design for user self installations.

5.4   9920 PC use tester, design to use in ordinary PC power supply, this tester can be connect to 3602A series panel or 9900 dual tester. This part is not suitable for DC & DC switching power supply usage.

5.5   9930 Remote control, design for easy keypad access to 3600A/3602A series panel control. Remote control 9930 has 8 control keypad; they are F1-F8, these 8 control button can replace 3600A/3602A.

5.6   9800A Application software, for PC to download test program into 3600A/3602A, or 3600A/3602A uplads testing information onto PC, Its main function: to program testing setup in PC, then use RS-232C interface downloading into 3600A/3602A series, this can save the programming time on making testing program (that is to replace setting up every input testing condition through 3600A/3602A.

5.7   DC Source options; all that can control by external voltage (0 - 5Vdc) as programmable DC power supply, its output voltage and current large or small all meet test subject require conditions, than can be use. If there is problem with choosing the options, welcome to contact our office.
Note: DC Source control method is as follow:

In the back of 3602A testing mainframe, there is a control voltage output (0 - 5 Vdc) can be set by 3602A panel's six steps output voltage selector to setup. This output voltage selector has a total of six output voltage can be set independently, they are Va, Vb, Vc, Vd, Ve, and Vf total of six voltage. In there any output (Va-Vf) can produce 0-5Vdc control voltage output. When connect to external programmable power supply (Analog voltage control type), then can use external programmable power supply to generate the voltage source for the test subject.

This six output control voltage conditions, can be set at every testing programming conditions. Before actual testing, connect to external programmable power supply (Analog voltage control model), according to test subject voltage source and adjusting six control voltage (simultaneously measure external programmable power supply output voltage and adjusting 3602A every step control voltage, until six step voltage can be fully setup). To meet testing require conditions.

6. 3602A series DC-DC power supply fully automatic function block diagram as shown:


3602A standard model:        Figure 3602A System block
  3602A001(No PARD):                Figure 3602A001 System block
  3600A004(No PARD,DC controller and voltage meter): Figure 3600A004 System block