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Prodigit is a manufacturer of high quality power test equipment. With more than 20 years of experience in the electronic power testing industry. We are able to provide cost effective solutions for your requirements. Custom configurations are also available. Please contact us to discuss your power testing requirements.

3312G Series (250V, 12A, 300W) DC Electronic Load

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  5 digital V / A / W Meter can be displayed on Large LCD display simultaneously
Flexible CC, CR, CV, CP, CC + CV, CP + CV, Dynamic and short circuit operation modes
Built-in test modes include Battery Discharge, BMS, Fuse/Breaker Trip/Non-Trip, Short circuit, OCP, OPP test modes
Turbo mode can withstand up to 4 times the current and power electronic load within 1 sec. period,most fit Fuse/Breaker and BMS、Short circuit、OCP、OPP test
Provide battery BMS protection test function
Support MPPT CC、CR、CV test function for solar panel
Short circuit duration can be set within short circuit test
Can set the power-on status value
Voltage meter display can be configured as polarity positive ("+") or negative ("-")
Synchronous parallel execution function (SYNC. Load on)
Can be configured in the Mainframe of 3302G〔single channel〕、3305G〔dual channels〕or 3300G〔Quad channels〕,each mainframe has up to 150 sets Store / Recall memory
Optional programmable NTC Resistor (installed in mainframe)
Optional Interface : GPIB、RS232、USB、LAN
Protection against V, I, W, and ℃
Optional 9923 load current waveform generator to provide the battery actual discharge current waveform simulation






60V, 30A, 150W

60V, 60A, 300W

250V, 12A, 300W

500V, 12A, 300W

60V, 15A, 75W

3310G 60V, 30A, 150W DC Electronic Load 
3311G 60V, 60A, 300W DC Electronic Load 
3312G 250V, 12A, 300W DC Electronic Load 
3314G 500V, 12A, 300W DC Electronic Load 
3315G 60V, 15A, 75W DC Electronic Load

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