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Prodigit is a manufacturer of high quality power test equipment. With more than 20 years of experience in the electronic power testing industry. We are able to provide cost effective solutions for your requirements. Custom configurations are also available. Please contact us to discuss your power testing requirements.

3660B Stand-Alone Automatic Multiple Output Power Supply Tester

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  The 3660B is an all-in-one stand-alone unit that can be operated individually. 3660B includes 800VA AC Source, six polarity can be changed, six OVP, two timing and six PARD measuring that can test Input, Output of Power Supplies, Pok Timing, Noise and Protection.

The 3660B has all the functions of 3660B and it shall be added with an external programmable AC Source (Model 5200A, 2kVA --- this is option) that the Output Voltage, Frequency, and Voltage angle can be adjusted and Inrush Current also can be measured.

The U.U.T.'s information including test parameters, test results and model tracking are displayed on the large LCD display

The 3660B has a built in EEROM test program to store 24 different U.U.T specification

Test reports can either be printed out via Centronics directly or stored in a PC via RS232 interface. Test data can be transferred to Excel™ file format for report customization.

The test procedure can be Download/Upload via RS-232C

Test Functions:
1.HoldOn Adjust
2.Load Regulation
3.Line Regulation
4.Combine Regulation
5.PP Noise(PARD)
6.Pok,Power Good/Fail
7.Setup/Holdup time
8.OVP (optional)
11.Rise Time

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