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Prodigit is a manufacturer of high quality power test equipment. With more than 20 years of experience in the electronic power testing industry. We are able to provide cost effective solutions for your requirements. Custom configurations are also available. Please contact us to discuss your power testing requirements.

9923 programmable DC load current waveform generator

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  Support the following series of DC electronic load
3300F Series Electronic Load Mainframe(3300F Four Channel Mainframe、3305F Two Channel Mainframe、3302F Single Channel Mainframe)
3310F Series(75W~350W)
3340G Series(150W~300W)(No included 33401G)
33430G Series(1800W / 3600W)
3350F Series(600W~1800W)
3360F Series(600W~14.4KW)
33500F Series(2.4KW~14.4KW)
34000A Series(5KW~40KW)
36000A Series(50KW / 60KW)
9923 application software can be used to edit arbitrary waveform, providing electronic load simulation different sink current conditions
The current waveform to be simulated can be download by the oscilloscope
Up to 2048 timing steps can be edited
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