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Prodigit is a manufacturer of high quality power test equipment. With more than 20 years of experience in the electronic power testing industry. We are able to provide cost effective solutions for your requirements. Custom configurations are also available. Please contact us to discuss your power testing requirements.

3271 Series AC & DC Electronic Load 350V, 28A, 2800W

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  4 digit V / A/W Meter,display the Voltage(Vrms, Vpeak, Vmax., Vmin)、Current (Irms, Ipeak, Imax., Imin.)、Watt, Voltampere (VA)、requency、Crest Factor、Power Factor、Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage (VTHD), Voltage Harmonic(VH)、Total Harmonic Distortion of Current(ITHD), Current Harmonic(IH)
CC, Linear CC, CR, CV, CP and AC Rectifier Load mode
Crest factor range : 1.414~5.0
Power factor(PF) range : 0~1 lead or(-1~0)lag
Built-in function test modes include UPS Efficiency, PV Inverter Efficiency, UPS Back-up time, Battery Discharge time, UPS transfer time, Fuse/Breaker Trip/Non-Trip, Short circuit , OCP, OPP test modes
Turbo mode is able to increase to 2 times the current and power of electronic load in a short period which is the most suitable for Fuse / Breaker test and short circuit, OCP, OPP test of AC power supply
Time measurement can be applied to batteries, UPS, fuses and circuit breakers and other tests
Three units parallel up to 11250W and three-phase △ or Y load connection can be synchronized control by one master unit
Frequency Range : DC, 40~440Hz
Voltage and current monitoring
Can be controlled by external voltage for CC, Linear CC, CR, CV, CP operating modes
Protection against V, I, W, and ℃
Optional interface:GPIB、RS232、USB、LAN
The most complete measurement capabilities

3271 Series AC & DC electronic load built-in 16-bit A/D and DSP precision measurement circuit, provides accurate measurements, measurement items have Vrms, Arms, Watt, VA, CF, PF, THD, VTHD, ITHD, Ipeak, Amax, Amin, Vmax, and VminIn addition to these measurement functions, it also provides time measurement,products such as UPS, fuses and circuit breakers etc. trip or blow time and transfer time for Off-line UPS







350V,  37.5A, 3750W

350V,  28A, 2800W

350V,  18.75A, 1875W

350V,  28A, 3750W






350V,  18.75A, 2800W

350V,  75A, 7500W

350V,  112.5A, 11250W

3270 Series AC & DC Electronic Load 350V, 37.5A, 3750W 
3271 Series AC & DC Electronic Load 350V, 28A, 2800W 
3272 Series AC & DC Electronic Load 350V, 18.75A, 1875W 
3273 Series AC & DC Electronic Load 350V, 28A, 3750W 
3274 Series AC & DC Electronic Load 350V, 18.75A, 2800W 
32701 Series AC & DC Electronic Load 350V, 75A, 7500W 
32702 Series AC & DC Electronic Load 350V, 112.5A, 11250W
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